Wiggy Strong..message from Dee

Hi everyone my husband Tom has been diagnosed with glioblastoma (cancer) of the brain on 12/27/14. We are going to beat this it is Stage 4 and very aggressive but we are going to more aggressive. We are starting Chemo and Radiation on February 2, 2015 Chemo 7 days a week and Radiation M-F for 6 weeks Tom has a great out look we are going to beat this. The cancer is inoperable it is on both Lobes of the brain effecting memory and vision areas short term memory is effected the most 
T Shirts are available for $25.00 please let me know if you would like one they are the picture on this page please send prayers and positive thoughts to him 
We have started a tree of HOPE for him with Cards all over our tree and now walls please drop a note to him at 
P O BOX 108
Cohasset, MA 02025


Pictured here is Jill Rosano, who came up with the idea for theses shirts.

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